James Alexander fell in love with the medium of still photography whilst studying in New York, where he earned his BFA in film.

At the beginning of the year James spent sometime in Kenya on the Animal Rights Reserve photographing life as they know it. One of his images shows a wake of Ruppell Griffon Vulture's wingspread devouring a Wildebeest. Shortly after his return, he was contacted by the founder of the 'One Less Gun' charity, an organisation resposnsible for the demilitirization of war torn countries acrosss the world, asking if they could use his piece as part of their new exhibiton being held at the Guggenheim Museum In New York City in April. 

As well as this, James has just won the 'Back Climate Action' competition a goverment based competition sponsored by the Natural Histrory Museum and Getty Images. His image of a mummified zebra carcass represents the effects that global climate change is having not only on us as mankind but for the creatures of our planet as well. It will be displayed in the Attenborough Studio in the Natural History Museum later this year.

James's new feature length documntary titled 'Refugee' follows the men, women and children caught up in the refugee crisis as they seek to find safety. Accompanied by the heart breaking accounts of life back at home, James hopes that his film will shed a little light upon the reality of this crisis. 

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